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Registration as non-Hong Kong Company

As requested by Part 16 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) (the “CO”), every offshore company (i.e. incorporated outside Hong Kong) must be registered as a non-Hong Kong company with the Companies Registry (the “CR”) within one month after the establishment of a place of business in Hong Kong.  Every responsible person (such as directors/members of management) will liable for failure to register as non-Hong Kong Company.

After the registration, the company will receive the following documents from the CR and Inland Revenue Department respectively:-

(a)    Certificate of Registration of Non-Hong Kong Company; and

(b)   Business Registration Certificate.

Please note that the non-Hong Kong company must appoint a Hong Kong resident or a firm of solicitors or accountants or corporate practice of accountants as authorized representative.  The role of the authorized representative is to accept service of process and notice on behalf of the company.

Please also note that every non-Hong Kong Company must maintain a registered office in Hong Kong.  Regarding opening bank account in Hong Kong, it is optional.  If the directors of the Company think it is necessary, the non-Hong Kong Company may apply for bank account opening with local bank.

We are pleased to assist you/your company to attend the necessary formalities regarding registration of non-Hong Kong Company, provision of service as authorized representative and assist the company to attend all the compliance issues.

If you would like to have the details about the registration of non-Hong Kong company, please feel free to contact our Miss Fanny Ho via email at or on +852 3108 7328.