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Bank account opening

The company may choose to open bank account(s) in foreign banks located in Hong Kong or overseas. With regard to opening bank accounts in Hong Kong, all directors must be present in the bank interview. However, according to Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering guidelines, the banks may require attendance of shareholders and/or request identification proof and residential address proof for all shareholders as well as the beneficial owners of the company before they will open an account. It depends on the requirements of the banks.

Generally speaking, the following documents are required for bank account opening:

(a) The original minutes of meetings approving opening of account;
(b) Certificate of Incorporation (copy certified by accountant);
(c) Business Registration Certificate (copy certified by accountant);
(d) Notice of appointment of director and secretary or Form NNC1 – Incorporation Form (copy certified by accountant);
(e) Articles of Association (copy certified by accountant);
(f) Copy of HKID card/ passport and residential address proof of each individual director, shareholder and beneficial owner;
(g) Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent of each corporate director and shareholder, if appropriate;
(h) Business proof of the company with the curriculum vitae of the directors who will involve in the operations of the company.