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Distance Business Programme 2020-06-10

The Distance Business Programme, also known as the D-biz Programme, is a new funding which is offered by the Hong Kong Government in light of the new trend of social distancing and working from home. The fund aims to help businesses in Hong Kong with developing IT solutions which can develop distance business.

Funding Amount

The funding amount is capped at HKD$100,000  for each IT solution (including training costs) with a maximum of HKD$300,000 for each business. Additionally, training expenses are capped at 10% of the cost of the IT solution.

Funding Criteria

All private enterprises (except listed companies, statutory bodies and NGOs funded by the Government), are eligible to apply. The enterprise must have a valid BR certificate with business commenced before 1 January 2020.

Application Period

The application for funding is open for a period of six months from 4th May to 31st October 2020.

Additional Details

The enterprise will be disbursed a payment of 30% of the funding amount after the approval of the application. The remainder of the fund will be disbursed following the successful implementation of the project.

Funding Scope

1.   1. Online Business

1.   2. Online order taking and delivery, and smart self-service systems

1.   3. Online customer services and engagement

1.   4. Digital customer experience enhancement

1.   5. Digital payment / mobile point of sale

1.   6. Online / cloud-based financial management systems

1.   7. Online / cloud-based human resources management systems

1.   8. Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services

1.   9. Virtual meeting and conference tools

1.   10. Virtual team management and communications

1.   11. Cyber-security solutions

1.   12. Other online/ custom-built/ cloud based business support system

Hints for Successful Application

1.     Although each enterprise can apply for 3 different IT projects in order to receive a total funding of HKD$300,000 ($100,000 per project), the application can only be submitted once detailing all 3 of the projects at the same time. Additionally, each project must have quotes from two different service providers.

2.     If the requested funding for each project exceeds HKD$30,000, an audited statement of expenditure is required. Audit fees can be reimbursed if the audit quotation together with the non-collusion certificates is included within the application form.

3.     Applicant must demonstrate that the project in question is in relation to its substantive business operations.

We can assist on applying for the D-biz Programme and we can provide the auditing service of the Programme.

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