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Tax Services

Tax advisory and compliance

CCC’s Tax Team can undertake all tax compliance work and tax return filings. Operating in China, Hong Kong, the US, the UK and other major jurisdictions, we can help with everything from routine tax enquiries to in-depth tax investigations.

We can also provide tax advice on structuring tax-exempt cross border activities and transaction, tax equalisation plans, consultation on double tax arrangements and transfer pricing.

Tax planning

Intellectual property structures

The tax-efficient exploitation of a client’s intellectual property can yield startlingly beneficial results. The key to this success is identifying a piece of intellectual property before it has acquired any significant value. Whether the intellectual property is a patent, a copyright or an image right, the successful sale or assignment of this property to an offshore structure and the subsequent licensing structures used to take advantage of various double tax treaties allow our clients to enjoy the maximum benefit possible from their creative abilities.

International trade structures

Cross border trading often gives rise to tax planning opportunities. Substantial opportunities exist where goods are moving cross border, or across multiple borders, and the use of nominee and agency companies can provide significant taxation reductions. Once profit has been generated there is often the need to remit these profits to the ultimate low tax destination through the use of suitable holding, or tax transparent entities, often incorporated in what are otherwise regarded as high tax jurisdictions. CCC can assist with this function.

Tax Residency Certificates

Many foreign companies require a Tax Residency certificate to prove to their own authorities and auditors that the company they are dealing with is resident in and is paying its corporation tax in the jurisdictions where double tax arrangement is signed.  CCC can assist you to obtain such certificates.

VAT Accounting, Administration and Registration

Trading structures operating within the European Union require VAT registration in order to account properly for purchases and sales and to prevent unrecoverable VAT arising. CCC can arrange VAT registration and administration in the Isle of Man or the UK and, subject to certain provisions, Ireland also. Such registrations allow clients to operate in a fully compliant manner throughout the EU.

Non-resident Landlord Scheme and Non-resident UK tax return

In the UK a landlord who lives abroad for more than 6 months of the year must pay tax (non-resident landlord tax) on any income derived from renting out a UK property.  The non-resident landlord scheme allows individuals and companies to receive rent without having tax deductions (20% of net rental income receive each quarter) at source.  Our office can assist to register under the non-resident landlord scheme with the UK tax authority (HMRC). Our office can also assist on preparation of income statement for rental income and preparation of non-resident UK tax return.