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Cross Border Trade and Investment

Cross-border trade

"Globalization" has enabled businesses to trade and to invest in many jurisdictions around the globe.
"Belt and Road" strengthened enterprises in the domestic and foreign investment opportunities.In order to reduce barriers for enterprises to invest in overseas, we can assist in the following:

    • Administration and use of letters of credit

    • Advice on trade feasibility and structure

    • Implementation of trade structure, including: visa application and company incorporation

    • Local compliance work, such as local tax submission and renewal of trade licences

    • Trade Finance

    • Recruitment of local staff

    • Tax equalization and efficient remuneration package

    • Repatriation and management of locally generated funds

    • Repatriation of after-tax profits to the head office

    • Re-invoicing service

    • Trademark registration

Cross-border investment

    • Potential investment projects appraisal

    • Providing the preliminary work and due diligence for a potential transaction

    • Providing highly efficient and strategic tax structure planning for the cross-border investments

    • Reviewing potential transactions tax arrangements and providing tax compliance services

    • Corporate finance

    • Promoting brands, products and services to overseas markets

    • Providing business center services in overseas