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Corporate Services

Bank Account Opening

CCC maintains strong relationships with local leading banks - almost every company or trust will need a bank account. We can normally facilitate the opening of a bank account to support client’s needs. We can also offer signatories, where necessary, to maintain confidentiality.

Company Incorporation

CCC can incorporate companies rapidly and effectively in over 10 jurisdictions worldwide, both on and offshore. With our own offices in several locations and online links to other registries we give an unparalleled level of service. The incorporations we offer are on a full-service basis with all initial documentation completed and officers appointed where appropriate.

Corporate Secretary

Ensuring global international entity compliance is time-consuming and often an unrewarding exercise, especially when dealing with numerous jurisdictions and different professional providers.  Here at CCC we are able to provide secretaries, whether individual or corporate, for client companies to assure global compliance, including statutory compliance deadline management and corporate information change control.

Domiciliation and Nominee Services

CCC can provide a company’s registered office as well as nominee services, including directors and shareholders for clients wishing to hold assets and trade investments in a nominee capacity and / or to comply with the requirements of the laws (i.e. individual / local resident director) in some jurisdictions.

Restoration of Companies

CCC can do all the work required to bring your company up to current standards to ensure that all the legal and statutory requirements are met, that officers are validly appointed and that the assets are not at risk.